At Troy Vines, Inc. there is nothing more valuable than the safety and health of  our employees, subcontractors, customers, the environment, and all those with whom we come in contact. This is a core value driven by our company management teams. The goal of the safety program is to reduce risk and eliminate incidents by keeping Troy Vines employees from being injured and by keeping materials and facilities from being damaged and wasted. To accomplish this goal we:

  1. Identify risks and hazards which could cause injury of property damage.
  2. Prioritize the risk hazards, starting with the ones with the highest risk first.
  3. Evaluate the solutions which are available to eliminate or reduce the hazards.
  4. Implement the best solution.

Our task is not to focus on incidents, but to take a proactive approach in eliminating risks and hazards that can cause incidents. Incidents can injure people and also damage materials, equipment, our facilities and the environment. It is for these reasons that Troy Vines Inc. strives for a zero-incident safety culture. We believe that there is no such thig as an “accident”, and that every incident can be avoided with the right rules, procedures, and employee cooperation in place. Our policy is to constantly strive to improve our management skills, work practices, tools, equipment and training to reduce the risk of incidents.